Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

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Got home a couple of hours ago after a long day at work, and still I’m freezing! You guys wouldn’t believe how blustery it’s been today! This morning I actually woke up 2 hours earlier because the street lights were making a racket due to the strong winds.

So I had a big cup of steaming hot green tea with dinner and watched the much awaited 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show that aired a couple of days ago.

Two things; I lost my appetite 10 minutes into the show ( Watching the worlds most beautiful supermodels can have the affect on you) and secondly; The show was awesome! I don’t get how they manage to top themselves year after year.
It was awesome seeing Hilary Rhoda in the line up again, she is (in my opinion) by far one of the prettiest models in the business right now.


Sweater weather


Feels like the month of December sneaked up from out of nowhere, and so did the coldness. It’s been snowing every other day in Helsinki, and it’s getting colder and colder. I love winter, for the first month or so, then I tend to get fed up with the darkness (seeing as how the sun only shines for a couple of hours per day here in the Nordic countries). So this year I decided to keep from buying dark clothes, -anything I can do to make my world a little brighter!

Now, keeping this commitment turned out to be easier said then done, turns out ’tis the season of brown, black, gray and the occasional bright xmas red; Boring!

However, I did find one gorgeous loose knit sweater in ivory white with hints of color. So as for now…I’m a happy camper! :)



I’ve been crazy busy the past week. I handed in the papers for my final school project, and had around one week to create a portfolio of my work. And although I do work better under pressure, it also means a lot of stress and cutting down on my normal free-time activities. Nevertheless, I’m extremely happy about how everything turned out! I had it reviewed today, and was told that there is absolutely nothing that needs change, they said they couldn’t find a single thing to criticize (even though they looked long and hard, one of the teacher added. Ha!)  and that it looks extremely professional. So you can imagine how amazingly good and relieved I feel right now! I’ll be sure to add more pictures of the Paris trip mañana.



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This week has been awesome, super early mornings and a lot to do at work, but I’ve learned a lot and really enjoyed myself. I spent the majority of my time working with the Calvin Klein, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and  Emporio armani women’s underwear collections. The new pieces for spring are absolutely gorgeous!  Lots of colors and beautiful details.

Now it’s only one week left til I’m done with school, I’m leaving for London on Wednesday and when I come back on Monday, I’ll start working on my project display that will be reviewed at the end of the same week. I can’t believe time’s gone by so quickly! I still have  one more day of work til my weekend starts. I’m excited to get a little break after a year of working/studying 6 long days a week, I’m in need of a vacation!



Calvin Klein


Check out these awesome Calvin Klein hipsters, I love love love the ‘retro’ branded waistband! Flashbacks of the 90’s (Marky Mark, anyone? I had to go watch ‘Good vibrations’ on youtube. Haha, he has come a long way!) I’d wear them sticking out of a pair of boyfriend jeans and a semi-crop top. Love!





Blue dress

First of all, excuse the dodgy camera phone picture. I try to stray away from posting mobile pics, but I really wanted to share this lovely dress I found in Zara today. I stopped by after work and found the beauuutiful garment hanging in the corner. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve worn in ages! The material is soft and thick and the dress has a lovely structure and 3D print. I’ve really got a thing for quilted skirts and dresses with big pockets, it just gives the piece a nonchalant edge. I can totally see myself wearing this with both flats and heels, it’s a great versatile dress! Ah, retail therapy. Always does the trick!

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| Scent of summer |

IMG_3403 copy

I got this lovely Miss Dior scent collection set from my dad when he returned from a trip to Brazil. When it comes to perfumes, I’ve always had the ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it’ attitude. There are so many different scents out there, when I find one that works I usually stick to it. Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘light blue’ has been the #1 contender for the past year (and don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it), but this Dior collection is a very welcomed change -just in time for summer, might I add. ‘Blooming bouquet’ is my favorite of the bunch. Long lasting, with a citrusy/jasmine scent that smells better and better as the day goes by. Two thumbs up!